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Bristol Rubbish Removal – What are your options?

Last year, Bristol was ranked number one for recycling in a survey of major cities in England, with an increased recycling rate and reduction in the amount of residual waste produced by households. However, sometimes it’s not enough and large amounts of waste have to be disposed of. Fortunately, there is a selection of reliable rubbish removal options available to Bristol residents, which will meet whatever your time or budget requirements may be. 

The two broad categories can be separated into DIY and service-based approaches to rubbish removal, utilising council-run facilities, charities, and professional rubbish removal services. Each option has its considerations, but they will help you with your rubbish removal job in a way that suits your wallet, your timescale, and the environment.

A do-it-yourself rubbish removal

Do you have the time and means to do it yourself? Then you can take advantage of some DIY rubbish removal ideas to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill.

Sell it 

Have a look at what you’re getting rid of – is any of it still useable? It could be furniture, electronics, clothes, even leftover building materials

Do you have enough to take to a car boot sale? Alternatively, get online and take advantage of sites like Preloved, Freecycling, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, as well as local Facebook groups. For more valuable items, it may be worthwhile to have them valued as they may be suitable for auction.

If you are going to sell online

  1. Take clear and detailed photographs 
  2. Provide accurate measurements
  3. Describe the item honestly

Bear in mind that strangers will be coming to your house, so plan accordingly. If you can’t be bothered with the hassle of time-wasters or are uncomfortable with unknown buyers, another option is to donate items that are in good condition.

Donate it

Things like clothes, shoes, books, kitchenware, soft furnishings and even pet accessories can still have plenty of use yet. 

There are local charities that offer furniture collection as well as accepting small items at their shops and drop-off points. 

If you are going to donate:

  1. Be honest with yourself about the item’s condition and suitability for donation
  2. Check the requirements of your chosen charity (e.g., fire labels still attached, if they accept electronics/appliances and where)
  3. Speak to the chosen charity to find out what their terms of acceptance are as this can change depending on their requirements and display and storage space.

These DIY recycling options will help you when you’re on a budget and have the time and means to dispose of it. If you have some waste left over, there are a couple of other things you can do for cheap or free rubbish removal in Bristol.

Visit the tip

Bristol’s recycling centres are in St Phillips (BS2 0QS) and Avonmouth (BS11 0YS), and they are an excellent resource for a DIY rubbish removal job. Click the link for their list of accepted items but bear in mind that they will only accept certain items and if you are using a van or trailer, there are certain restrictions.

Call the council

Bristol Council offers a bulky household item collection service for things like fridges, freezers, washing machines and electrical items. There is a charge and it is worth checking out prior to the visit. Check their guidance before booking the service, because depending on how many things you want to dispose of, it may be more economical to employ a professional rubbish removal company.

If you are going to use Bristol Council-provided services for rubbish removal, check the following:

  1. Using a van or trailer? You will need to get a household waste recycling permit; it is valid for 12 visits and is renewable
  2. Some materials may require special treatment or have limits on the amount you can dispose of – check their website for a list of acceptable items. 
  3. If using the bulky household item collection, make sure you will be able to meet their requirements listed on their website regarding access and weight

The above options are a very economical approach to responsibly managing your waste in Bristol and supporting local causes. However, there can be a variety of reasons these options wont suite the job, so we will also look at the professional rubbish removal services available.

A guide to professional rubbish removal services

If you have large amounts of waste to get rid of, or materials that require special disposal, it may be more friendly to your wallet and easier on your time to hire a professional rubbish removal service. 

When looking for a service, make sure you employ a reputable and responsible company. Fly-tipping cost councils in England at least £57 million in 2016-17 and it can incur hefty fines. It has a terrible impact on the environment so every effort is made by the authorities to trace fly-tipped waste back to the original owner. 

With a little knowledge, you can avoid irresponsible outfits and instead find the professional Bristol rubbish removal companies that provide fully certified and insured services.

Here are a couple of service options to think about when planning the job:

Skips and skip bags

Skips provide a helpful solution if you are dealing with ongoing waste-production. They are also handy for single types of waste, such as soil or building rubble, and you don’t have to worry about sorting and removing it.

Make sure to check the company’s list of accepted materials and discuss your job in detail before engaging a company’s services. They can cost £240-278 for a 6-yard skip and £288-336 (incl VAT) for an 8-yard skip 9prices correct at the time of publication). A skip permit (discussed below) will incur additional charges. 

If you think a skip would suit your rubbish removal job, consider the following:

  1. Space and access – the lorries need room to load and unload, and there is a charged permit  required if you intend to have the skip on a public road or highway. This also applies to skip bags and roll-on roll-offs
  2. Loading – you will have to do this yourself, so consider your route to the skip. Breaking larger items down will help you save on volume as well as be more comfortable to carry
  3. Can you secure it? Unattended skips have a habit of mysteriously filling up on their own, so think about this if you have to place the skip in a publicly accessible area

Skips are a solid option but they are very strict on limits, and you will be paying for the size of the skip rather than the actual volume of your rubbish. Labour can also be an issue if you are working in a limited time frame or don’t have enough helpers.

If you feel that a skip doesn’t fit your job, then another option is a man with a van or rubbish removal company. These types of services offer further flexibility with the bonus of people doing the work for you. 

Professional rubbish removal companies

Great when you are short on time or energy, no matter what the size of the job. Estimate how much waste you have (our booking form helps you with that) and they will confirm the cost with you on the day.  Unlike skips, prices depend on the volume of your waste, so you are only paying for what is taken away, though do expect a minimum charge.  For example, we charge a van fee once per job, £25 per cubic yard of mixed waste and £80 per cubic yard of rubble and brick. Check out our full pricing guide to get an idea of what your waste might cost.

As a reputable company we will separate your rubbish, donating and recycling where possible. We also sweep up after ourselves and take after photos for your approval if you can’t be there! 

If a rubbish removal service suits your needs, here are some things to think about:

  1. If possible, place your rubbish in one place to make it easier to estimate the amount. You can save on volume by breaking down more substantial pieces, like tables or wardrobes
  2. How will they be accessing the property? Let them know if there are any special considerations like narrow, low entries or parking restrictions to consider
  3. Check out their list of accepted materials and items, and call them if you have any questions (here’s our FAQ to get an idea of what we take and how we work)

Rubbish removal companies provide a professional, reliable service and the best do everything they can to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.  It’s easy to find legitimate waste disposal services in Bristol. They should be more than happy to provide their higher tier waste carriers license and evidence of their liability insurance and be willing to share how they intend on disposing of your rubbish. At Bulman’s Removals and Clearance we also issues our customers with digital waste transfer notes. While only currently required by law for commercial disposal, we feel all of our customers deserve the peace of mind provided by this process. They can then be secure knowing they have done their part in responsibly disposing of their rubbish.

So it looks like rubbish removal can be easy?

Yes, it can! With the ideas discussed here, you can put together a plan that suits your budget and timescale. However, if you’ve decided to leave it to the professionals, give us a call on 01934 744 700 or fill in our booking form – we are happy to answer any questions you have about rubbish removal.

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