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Transparent Pricing

Clearance Price Guide*

(excl. VAT)

We will always issue you a digital waste transfer note so you have evidence of proper disposal for any items we remove for you.

We issue hazardous waste consignment notes to businesses unable to produce one themselves on request.

1 cubic yard of junk


1 cubic yard

Similar size to 2 washing machines

5 mins labour + 100Kg weight allowance
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2 cubic yard of junk


2 cubic yards

Similar size to 4 washing machines or a mini skip

10 mins labour + 200Kg weight allowance
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4 cubic yards of junk


4 cubic yards

Similar size to 8 washing machines or a midi skip

20 mins labour + 400Kg weight allowance
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6 cubic yards of junk


6 cubic yards

Similar size to 12 washing machines, or a standard skip

30 mins labour + 600Kg weight allowance
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8 cubic yards of junk


8 cubic yards

Similar size to 16 washing machines or a builders skip

40 mins labour + 800Kg weight allowance
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12 cubic yards of junk


12 cubic yards

Similar size to 24 washing machines, or an extra large skip

60 mins labour + 1200Kg weight allowance
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(excl. VAT)

  • £60 – Labour – per hour
  • £1 – Mileage – per mile
  • £250 – Professional packing service – prices from
  • £125 – (Diss)assembly service – up to 3 items
  • Packing materials – call for details
  • MINIMUM CHARGE – 2 hours

(excl. VAT)

  • £49.99 – Van fee (charged once per job)
  • £25 – Cubic yard of mixed waste – furniture, soft furnishings, toys, clothes, metals, plastics etc (incl. up 100Kg/5 mins labour)
  • £95 – Cubic yard of heavy waste – rubble, plaster, plasterboard, tiles etc (incl. up to 1000kg/30 mins labour)
  • £10 – Additional labour per 10 mins
  • MINIMUM CHARGE – £74.99 (plus VAT)

(excl. VAT)

  • Single Mattress  = £30
  • Double Mattress = £40
  • Domestic Fridge – Standard size  = £35
  • Domestic Fridge – Standard large = £50
  • Domestic Fridge – American/XL  = £70
  • Commercial Fridge – (Please call)
  • TV/monitors = £15
  • Fluorescent tube = £5 
  • Food waste (bagged) = £25
  • Car battery/tyre = £10
  • Calor Gas (empty) less than 10Kg = £12
  • Calor Gas (empty) 10-20Kg = £18
  • Calor Gas (empty) above 20Kg = £48
  • Specialist gas bottle (empty) = £60
  • Wasted journey / aborted removal fee (where job is cancelled once we have arrived) = £60
  • Parking or clean air zone charges  = as incurred
  • Items that can not be picked up and moved safely by two people
  • Liquid waste e.g. paint, oil, petrol, diesel, chemicals, solvents
  • Large quantities of soil (above 100Kg)
  • Hazardous items e.g. asbestos, toxic substances
  • Food waste (not bagged)
  • Full gas bottles
  • Bird droppings (Guano)
  • Fire extinguishers


Helpful clearance notes
  • We mainly charge by the volume your items take up in our vehicles
  • 1 cubic yard is approximately the size of two washing machines.
  • For large furniture e.g. wardrobes/sideboards, consider how many washing machines of volume they take up.
  • Flat-packed items are generally cheaper to remove e.g. wardrobes
  • We may need to charge you a little more when:
    1. Included weight or labour is exceeded
    2. We need to pack things for you
    3. Your property is outside or normal working area
    4. We need to pay for parking or clean air zone charge to help you

*We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time.

We're in the business of helping others

Core to our values is delivering peace of mind.  We do this by focussing on our customers and offering the best experience possible while choosing the environmental option where we can.  Our reviews are proving that we are succeeding, however, we are always looking to improve.

Delivering Peace of Mind

junk removal peace of mind

Our process

Call 01934744700 to tell us how we can help, or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll review your enquiry and give you a call with an estimate and our availability.

You will get an email reminder the day before and a text reminder on the morning of your booking.

We’ll let you know when we are on the way.  On arrival we will firm up the price for you, take payment, then clear your waste and sweep up. 

Once you have inspected to make sure you are happy, we will email you directly from site your waste transfer note, invoice showing paid, and any before and after photos.

Our commitment

We operate across Bristol, Bath, Taunton and the remainder of the Somerset region, so are able to offer you a national level of quality service, locally.

We know good service is important to you, so all our vehicle crews are professional trained and DBS checked for your peace of mind.

We care about the environment, so look to donate or recycle as much of your waste as possible to direct away from landfill on your behalf.  (Read More)

With so many happy customers, we could rest on our laurels. But we are committed to reviewing and improving what we do to make your experience even better. 

Environment Agency Waste Carrier

When we set up this business, we wanted to make sure we were a force for good. We chose not to compete on price, but to offer exceptional service with an environmental focus and to seek out customers and suppliers with the same values. 

Customer loyalty programme

We offer a 5% discount for all residential customers who choose to use us again within a year!

(Bulman’s Removals and Clearance reserve the right to change this loyalty discount programme at any time)

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Per mile £1.00
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(Prices excl. VAT)

Note:  Actual labour time & mileage is calculated from/to our base of operations in Cheddar

About your junk removal...

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We aim to provide a fair service, however, we do need to cover all costs we incur by helping you.  Therefore, clean air zone and parking charges are passed on, we include up to 5 mins labour/100Kg per cubic yard, however, where these are exceeded such as not being able to park close to your items for removal, or if you we need to bag loose items up for you, we may need to charge a little extra.

Junk Removal Estimate (approx. only)

Choose the volume that looks about right. You can choose more than one if that helps.  (Prices excl. VAT).

*Each cubic yard is approx. the same size as 2 washing machines.

Van Fee (charged once per job) - £49.99

Additional items for removal

Please click on any additional items you would also like cleared, and add their quantity.  (Prices excl. VAT).


Based on the information you have supplied above, here is an approx. estimate.  We will review your estimate and give you a call to confirm the details.  (Prices excl. VAT).

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(Prices excl. VAT) 

(Min charge is £74.99 plus VAT) 

(incl. up to 5 mins labour/100Kg per cubic yard) 


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