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House Clearance Bath – What are your options?

Bath, the largest city in Somerset: a World Heritage Site, a good place for a warm swim, and the birthplace of Mary Berry, star of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off and president of the Bath Spa University Alumni Association.

However, it’s not just culture and education – people live and work and move house too. House clearance can be a tedious process, time-consuming and cluttered, so here we’ve outlined a few options local to Bath residents. Depending on what you are clearing out and how much time you have, there are charities willing to collect large items, local recycling sites, and skip hire/man with van services to meet your house clearance needs.

To make the process easier, think about the nature of the things you’re getting rid of. Is it recyclable or in donatable condition? Would someone get more use out of it? If it is waste, what sort is it and where can it be disposed of? Consider work commitments, space, transportation limitations and the timeframe you are working in, then decide how much you can or want to do personally. It is your responsibility as the person in charge of the house clearance to dispose of unwanted things appropriately, so make sure to investigate the options and use reputable and legitimate companies.

OPTION: Bath charities with furniture collection


This is a great, easy way to take care of the larger unwanted house clearance items while helping those in need. There are some charities local to Bath which offer collection.

Their ability to take furniture varies so it is best if you contact your chosen charity and enquire directly. 

OPTION: Bath recycling centres

Another option is to do it yourself and use the recycling and disposal sites provided by Bath and North East Somerset Council. 

The recycling centres serving Bath are:

  • Midland Road in Bath
  • Pixash Lane in Keynsham
  • Wheelers Hill in Midsomer Norton


This can be done in your own time.

Most items are free to dispose of and they also take items for resale to fund campaigns and events to promote recycling. Check the guidance first and call the recycling centre to find out if there are limits on certain types of items like fridges, large furniture and chemicals/liquids.


Be mindful of their operating hours, particularly if you are using a van or trailer for domestic waste which requires you to obtain a permit if you don’t already have one. These vehicles are restricted to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Domestic waste van permits are intended for people getting rid of their own waste only. They are required at all three sites for vans or trailers but are free, renewable, and allow for 12 visits.

You cannot dispose of commercial or business waste with this permit, and this is strongly enforced by all sites. You can apply for a domestic waste van permit online here.

This is more time-consuming and potentially messier than having someone else manage it. 

OPTION: Bath bulk rubbish removal services

If quantity, unwieldiness or time pressure are presenting an issue, a bulk removal service may be what you need. There are a few options at different price points and levels of convenience serving Bath that can help with your house clearance. Always talk to your chosen company about the type of waste you have, and if there are any materials they won’t take.


Bath council offers a collection of large items for a fee (starting at £30) and will collect up to 10 items.


There are many things that Bath Council won’t collect, such as large range cookers and carpet. In many house clearance situations, it may be more cost-effective to hire a skip or a professional man with van rubbish removal company which can deal with mixed waste and recyclables>

OPTION: Skip Hire Companies

Skip companies in Bath charge £258-264 (incl VAT) for a six-yard skip of mixed waste, and £288-324 (incl VAT) for an eight-yard skip of mixed waste (prices correct at time of publishing). 

Some local skip companies serving Bath:


You can keep the skip for two weeks; talk to the skip company to find out if or when any additional charges may be applied, such as for excess waste or extending your skip hire.


Think about where you can put it – if you have to place it on a public road, pavement or in a controlled parking zone, you will require a skip license issued by Bath Council. Skip licenses are usually acquired by your skip company (though sometimes they may need you to apply directly) and cost £66 for the first 28 days and £55 for renewal. The application process can take up to 10 days, so bear this in mind when planning your house clearance.

OPTION: Man with van rubbish removal services

Bulk collection, whether skip or professional man with van rubbish removal service, is a very convenient option that is flexible and time-saving. 


While skips can be useful, the potential delays and extra cost can mean that a rubbish removal company is often more space, time and budget-friendly. There is no need to find room for a skip and arrange licenses, so a rubbish removal company can respond quickly and will only charge you for the amount of waste taken away, not the size of the container.

Due to this flexibility, rubbish removal services are a good option when both time and cost are considerations. They fit into your schedule and ensure that your items are sorted, donated, recycled and disposed of properly. Check out our service fees for a guide to your house clearance estimate, or tell us about your job on our 24/7 online booking and enquiry form to get an estimate and choose an available booking window that suits you.


If you are employing either of these to help you with your house clearance, it is important to check they are reputable, with the relevant licenses and insurance to conduct business. Check if they have a Higher Tier Waste Carriers license, public liability insurance and if they are able to issue you with a waste transfer note so you can evidence proper disposal of your waste. A legitimate company will be more than happy to discuss these with you and you can relax knowing that your waste will be disposed of responsibly.  

Now you’re ready for your house clearance in Bath

In conclusion, plan your house clearance with a realistic idea of how much time you have and what your budget will be. Whether you are looking to combine all three methods for a budget-conscious approach or want to get through it quickly with minimal fuss, all the options above will get you started and help you support local businesses and services. If you have any questions about house clearance, please contact us via the form or call 01934 744 700.

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