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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Our Response

Our Approach

Reviewed 28/12/22 

  • We review our processes periodically to ensure we can deliver ProfessionalNo Contact’ Services to you.

To keep you and us safe*

  • We keep our vehicles clean and tidy and wipe down the cabs at the end of each day.
  • Each van is issued with disinfectant so they are able to disinfect their hands between jobs. 
  • We observe the two-metre rule where viable.
  • We work entirely digitally and will sign any digital paperwork such as invoices and waste transfer notes on your behalf, so there is no need for you to touch or receive anything physically.
  • We prefer to take payment via card and at a distance, however, we can still take payment by cash if you wish. 
  • Our team are authorised to withdraw from any site or property where distance or safety can not be maintained and look to reschedule. 
  • Our team are all issued with face masks and will use these as appropriate in confined and unventilated spaces occupied by others.

How you can help*

Customers are asked to:

  • Ventilate any inside spaces that are occupied that we need to work in by opening windows or doors. 
  • Please keep your distance when we are conducting your clearance.
  • We don’t expect you to offer us a cup of tea, though we appreciate the offer.
  • Inform us if anyone within your household or premises is vulnerable, isolating or showing any signs of Covid-19.  We may still be able to help you, however, we would need to discuss this with you and decide whether this can be done safely. 

We appreciate that some of these procedures may make things more difficult at times, however, you and our teams safety comes first.  Therefore, if for any reason we are unable to conduct a removal or clearance for you exactly when or how it was planned, we appreciate your patience in helping us keep you safe.  

*All measures will be reviewed periodically to ensure they remain suitable and in line with government guidance.

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